Maker Faire Miami 2017

We live in a time of constant global upheaval and technological disruption. It seems like not a day goes by when we’re not reminded that our social, economic and political systems are ossified and in urgent need of reinvention. Too often, it feels like few are paying attention, or like those who are can't drive real progress.

The ground, however, tells a radically different story. Away from the cable cameras, buried in nooks all over cities and the Internet, is an emerging tide of positive narratives. As technology increasingly shapes our economies to be more energy efficient and collaborative, socially-conscious entrepreneurs and innovators are playing a leading role in addressing global challenges and creating real value for their their communities. Though their activities are decentralized, they share a common vocabulary of resourcefulness and adaptability, a command of digital and analog tools, an a user-driven approach to problem solving through design and systems thinking.

They are the collaborative commons, a global movement of entrepreneurs and innovators who are accelerating a transition toward a restorative and regenerative economy. They are weaving the strongest social fabric that mankind has ever known: building things, scaling change, and doing well in increasingly inclusive and sustainable ways. 


MANO is a non-profit that works with visionary organizations to produce live experiences that advance an understanding of how social value and urban resilience can be driven from the bottom-up. 

Our events and educational initiatives explore the interplay between technology and new economy movements. They are fully-collaborate efforts with local and national organizations in which we provide a range of functions from strategic leadership and project management to fundraising and community outreach. They include interactive festivals, advocacy campaigns, STEAM education programs, and training workshops that advance workforce skills development, inclusive collaboration, and social enterprise.